Provide dredging of tailing of ponds at the “Old Hickory” and “Concord” plants. Installed and welded pump pipe. Cleared right of ways and built support/access roads. Maintained and swept roads using self-contained sweepers. Assisted in mobilization of mining units and equipment. Repaired dikes, mowed grass/ditches with side mower. Performed reclamation work as well as repair of field drainage and installation of silt fence/erosion control. Screened topsoil as needed.

Provide installation services such as erosion control, restoration of wet lands, re-stabilization of disturbed areas, reclamation, and maintenance of right of ways and substations as well as building and maintaining roads for Dominion equipment access. Clear, grade and prepare large areas for new substation installation some of which is in low, wet areas requiring use of “Low Ground Pressure” equipment and off-road trucks. Site preparation to support expansion or renovation of existing substations often requires work in close proximity to energized equipment. Other services include: Sediment Pond/Dike installation and dredging of fly ash ponds.

Provide equipment and support to perform services such as excavation, hauling, land applying, site maintenance, mowing and trimming, dyke and road maintenance, mechanical and hydraulic dredging, and snow removal. Maintenance of the paper mill’s landfill includes, Hauling/Dumping clarified sludge, lime, and fly ash. Kapstone’s 60 acres of lagoon require dredging which we perform by using an “Ellicott” Mud-cat 915 – 10” Pump Dredge. Our 60’ Long reach excavator is used for dike maintenance and dredging of their fly ash ponds. Provide equipment to perform additional tasks such as stocking excess coal as well as maintenance of drains/ditches and re-vegetation and erosion control.